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The American SIDS Institute does not endorse "or bill for the" products. "The billing is handled by magfundraising.com." However, if you are interested in purchasing any of the featured products, the Institute will receive a portion of the proceeds to use for research.


Help Fight SIDS and Enjoy your Favorite Magazines!


Help fight SIDS while enjoying your favorite magazines. The Institute has partnered with Readers’ Digest to allow you to purchase your favorite magazine subscriptions on-line. Forty percent (40%) of your subscription amount will be donated to the American SIDS Institute. So, if you are in the market for a new subscription to a magazine or if you would like to renew your current subscription, please check out the diverse selection at www.sidsmags.com .

Magazine subscriptions make wonderful holiday gifts that keep giving all year long. 







Since April 2010, when we started our first shop with our hand-made jewelry, we had a lot of parents coming to us asking for bracelets with awareness charms on them. These have come to be known as "Cause Bracelets" and they have become our favorite, and most fulfilling part of our business, allowing us to help families display support for a loved one, AND help to support that cause, as we directly donate the proceeds to the specific foundation. Our SIDS awareness pendants and bracelet are in remembrance of one of our own SIDS babies in the Cathy's Creations family. $5 from each SIDS item sold will be donated to the American SIDS Institute in her memory.



 Buy Jewelry and Help Fight SIDS!

If you are in the market for some beautiful jewelry, the American SIDS Institute suggests that you check out Babyfeet at www.babyfeetjewelry.com . You will find pieces of finely crafted jewelry designed by Kristen Marr. And a portion of each purchase will be donated to the Institute.  

Kristen's Message About BabyFeet

"You want it today; you'll wear it forever. Savvy moms wear BabyFeet, unique slide bracelets, necklaces and charms.

You know your style; we'll help you enhance it. The BabyFeet collection includes slide pieces for necklaces and bracelets handcrafted to represent each child in your family. Birthstone enhancers, precious stones, diamonds and engraveables are also available.

You're a proud mom, and you want to say it with style. Not too trendy, but very exquisite, BabyFeet pieces are designed to remember those precious little feet that are often forgotten as they get big. You know, those soft tiny feet that have never worn shoes, never even been walked on."

How BabyFeet Walked Into My Life

The BabyFeet jewelry collection was created as a celebration of life. My husband knew how proud I was of our first son, Colton, and how I wanted everyone to know. Not being able to find any pieces of style and quality, we decided to cast his feet on a slide with his birthstone. Combined with my anniversary, birthday, and other special slides, I was thrilled that my bracelet was then complete with the story of my life.

Sadly, our story changed. Those tiny feet that I am so proud of never wore shoes, were never even walked on. At eight weeks old, Colton died of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.) With our lives torn apart, I felt comforted wearing his feet, keeping that memory with me at every moment.

We have since been blessed with Colton's little brother and sister. In celebration of their lives, we had slides made with their birthstones too. When not only my friends, but also complete strangers, began asking for slides of their children, I decided to start BabyFeet. In Colton's honor, a portion of each BabyFeet purchase will go to the American SIDS Institute for medical research for the prevention of SIDS.  

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