Effects of Caffeine on Intermittent Hypoxia in Infants Born Prematurely

Our article on intermittent hypoxia in preterm infants was published in March JAMA Pediatrics:

Intermittent hypoxia (IH) is defined as brief, repetitive cycles of decreases in hemoglobin oxygen saturation (Sa) from a normoxic baseline, followed by reoxygenation and return to normoxia. Many animal and human studies have established that IH, compared with chronic sustained hypoxia, is proinflammatory. Exposure to IH results in multiple impairments in many physiologic systems, including cardiorespiratory control, sleep fragmentation, neuropathologic and neurocognitive deficits, decreased neuronal integrity, and apoptosis.

Intermittent hypoxia is typically not apparent clinically and hence requires continuous physiologic recording for detection. Immature respiratory patterns and resulting IH can continue until term-equivalent age and beyond for premature infants, even after resolution of clinical symptoms and discharge to home.

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